The Oxford Times, Giles Woodforde

“The comparatively routine debut CD isn’t for German born pianist Chisato Kusunoki who has chosen a more unusual mix of Rachmaninoff, cheap Medtner, see Scriabin and Liapunov… Rachmaninoff’s Six Moments Musicaux Op.16. provides a lot of melodic invention which Kusunoki exploits effectively…No 5 in the set is played with particular sensitivity. Nikolai Medtner’s (Sonata in G minor Op 22) carried a torch for 19th century romanticism very evident from this performance, viagra which Kusunoki exploits to the full. In Kusunoki’s hands shows the composer (Scriabin Fanasie in B minor Op 28) spreading his wings from an almost Brahmsian starting point. Etudes d’Execution Transcendante Op11 by Sergei Liapunov showcases her (Kusunoki) evident delight in colouring pictorial music. Kusunoki certainly makes a great case for each piece”

Norman Lebrecht’s CD of the Week March 2012

photography by Ph. Marsi
photography by Aylwin Lek
photography by markkphotography
photography by Stephen Brockerton
photography by Patrick Poh
photography by Francois Rocquemont


  • Copyright © 2013, Chisato Kusunoki. All rights reserved
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